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OK, admission time. I wanted a Porsche... then we got a dog.
I still wanted a Porsche and was thinking of the Macan S. Then I found out the Macan S was on a 12 month waiting list...
I saw the GLA in a showroom and I thought, hmm... that hits all the right buttons, and the GLA 45 is *powerful*.. and I can have in in a little over 2months on a finance package that undercuts Porsche.... sold.
I am happy.. my other half is happy, the dog is happy, and today, my son was in awe. He says I should grow up

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As I've explained in another thread, I bought a GLA because...

I've owned C-Classes for many years, and a 190e before that. My last car
was a C230 V6 with all the trimmings. However the size of the new C
Class is too big for the internal garage in my new house, so I had took
elsewhere. I live in mountainous terrain so 4WD is a must in winter, and
now the kids are both at uni, the back seats hardly ever get used.

all led me to look at compact SUVs but so many manufacturers only sell
diesels, which I did not want, and too many models lack any sporty
prowess. I drive quite sedately most of the time but being an ex-racer I
occasionally like to put my foot down when the conditions allow, and I
also need to be able to overtake tractors and slow tourists very quickly
(i.e. safely) on short stretches of country roads. This all pointed to
one car: the GLA250 4matic AMG line (silver), and I am not disappointed.

never owned a hatchback before and am still getting used to the sound
of a straight-4 engine after the ultra-smooth V6, but the GLA is just so
darnn comfortable and easy to drive that I'm bowled over by just how
good this new car is. The automatic lighting that dips the lights and
changes shape to suit the traffic has to be seen to be believed, and the
command sat nav with voice control is fab. The automatic parking is a
hoot to impress friends, and the seats with their lumbar support are
absolutely ideal for my spinal implants following major surgery (I never
thought I'd be able to sit in a car again for more than an hour at a
time, but these leather AMG line seats have given me a new lease of
motoring life).

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Have driven mainly Lexus or BMW, so never considered Mercedes as always thought them either too expensive to maintain or too big... my last car was a Lexus GS which was a big 3 liter V6, plenty of vroom vroom but very thirsty and a bugger to park in the city... my Dad said to check out MB as they had some interesting new models which were quiet fun to drive and looked sharp (GLA & CLA)... I test drove both models, plus a new E class and also the GLK... the CLA was too small inside, the GLK was too ugly exterior, the E class was nice but too serious/conservative (lust like the GS)... that left the GLA which was fun to drive, easy to park, nice interior, plus had plenty of toys to make it interesting... and it came in petrol as I hate the diesel rattle you get after a few thousand miles get on the clock, so far I've done 15,000km in it and really like driving it...
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