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Hi my fellow GLA fans !

I'm driving a 2017 UK 200d GLA.

A couple of questions please.

USB sticks:
I've loaded music onto three 64gb (fat32) USB3 sticks from my PC and put them in the centre console left usb port. The car has 'fried' all three !! Not only will the vehicle not recognise/read the stick it actually corrupts it to such an extent its no longer readable, at all, in the PC !
Solution ? Buy a USB2 stick .... happy days !
MB technicians are bemused and left me with the USB2 solution. Ideas/comments please ?

Android Auto:
Despite endless attempts personally and then with MB Technicians it does not work in my GLA. I'm using a Samsung A5 2017 phone.
The MB explanation? MB software for Android Auto only supports Android devices up to OS 6.1. My phone is running Android 7.0.
Anyone else got this issue .... or a solution that doesn't include rolling back my phone ? "MB software development needs to catch up" (the MB dealership comment)

I love my GLA but just want to know if I'm the only one experiencing these little niggles.

Thanks and have a great GLA day !
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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