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So this appeared in a German magazine, its badly translated by Google but you get the idea:

Launched in March 2014 GLA with Mercedes model term of only six years. So facelift in spring 2017, successor in April 2020. And the next GLA ​​everything will be different - bigger! Despite the more upright seating position measurably more space for high heads and long legs, not to mention the more superior clarity throughout. Because of the distribution and a GLA Coupé can imagine, the basic model will in future receive a straighter roofline and a steeper rear.

AMG GLA 45 with up to 408 hp

This model is based on the second generation of the front-wheel drive architecture that comes up with various changes. These include two different complex rear suspension, an adjustable damping control, an even more efficient nine-speed dual-clutch gearbox and a new touch screen user interface.

While the entry-level diesel with 122 hp rather trimmed to frugality, the uprated AMG power plant is at 408 hp very well fed. Also planned is a firmly with diesel combinable and gasoline plug-in hybrid module, which will provide 80 kW / 109 hp. And Mercedes can refuel at any time - in the form of an even more economical four-cylinder petrol engine (Series M 264), through the mild hybrid combination of an integrated starter-generator (ISG) and a small electric motor and hybridisch with scalable electric motor. Not yet ready for production, but for markets such as China from 2020 probably indispensable, is a pure electric car with a minimum of 400 km range.


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