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I'm posting a picture of how I store my summer wheels in case it inspires others with limited storage space. Wheels and tyres should be hung from the rims so that the tyres do not become misshapen with prolonged spot-loading. They should be kept in the dark as light speeds up the tyre's natural degradation process. Finally, they should be kept air-tight to slow down the drying out of the oils in the rubber compound near the surface. These are the generally accepted rules of how to store car tyres and wheels.

I have a very small garage that leaves me only an inch of space each side of my door mirrors as I reverse in. Really, space doesn't come much tighter than this. However this does afford me room to fit all four wheels on a rack as shown, which I built out of 2" x 4" timber and some very large screws. The top beam is hardwood but it needn't be as the lower softwood beam is fine. I hang the wheels with standard webbing off a roll, leaving just an inch of space underneath as this is all that's needed.

The garage is dark for all but five minutes a day, so I don't need tyre bags, and I have used cheap clingfilm to keep the tyres airtight. Each wheel takes about 10m of film to cover, plus small bits to cover gaps near where the spokes join the rims. Obviously you should clean the wheels and tyres before you wrap them up, and mark each wheel so that you can return them in a different place to even out the wear (but always keep the same direction of rotation).

Hope that helps someone :)

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