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Hi. I have a GLA 200d which was registered in September 2017. I bought this as a used car at end of July 2020. It has just recently developed a fault in that the steering wheel controls don't work and neither does the horn. I am booked in with Mercedes Benz to take a look at it as it's still under warranty until July 2021.

Anyone know what the issue might be?
Does anyone know if this is to do with a clockspring or a faulty airbag? I know that there was a recall in 2017 but they were before my car was first registered and I am wondering if the recall was missed for my car.

This is my first Mercedes and I have to say that I am a bit disappointed as the car failed its first MOT. I was told by the dealership I bought it from that it had been well looked after. First the MOT, now the steering wheel.

My last three Hondas were more reliable than this!
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