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Hi All
Started coming across this issue for a couple of months.
We have a GLA 45 , and Always fill up the petrol tank when going to the petrol station, and always use the best petrol..98 Octane rating.
When we pull away its all fine.. but approx 0.5 mile down the road.. the car starts missing.. engine revs drop, and now recently engine stalls.
Only way to stop this is pull over. Switch off the engine, Undo the petrol cap, restart the engine, and replace petrol cap.
This is obviously getting to be a pain.
Have taken the car when it first happened to the local Merc dealer, but typically it didnt happen .. and they had the car for a week.

Anyone have any ideas on this?
I know obvious answer is not to fill it up completely, and listen closely to the air being pushed out when your at the petrol station filling up..... but its not just me filling up but the wife as well.

Many thanks in advance
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