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It's all part of Mercedes-Benz's plan to lower the average age of its customers.

First it sported up the A-Class, then it announced the CLA saloon, based on the same platform as the A-Class, and said there would be an AMG version with a silly amount of horsepower.
Now we have this car: the GLA. It's been at the Shanghai motor show this week where Merc referred to it as a concept.
Word is it's almost identical to the ­production version on sale next year.
As you can see from the photographs, and from its name if you know your Merc models numbers, the GLA is a compact SUV.
The vital statistics are 4,383mm long, 1,978mm wide and 1,579mm tall.
To put those numbers into context, it's roughly the same size as a BMW X1 or Range Rover Evoque.

Sporty: The squat shapeAs with the Evoque and most other junior SUVs today, the GLA will be ­available with both two and four-wheel drive powertrains.
Merc hasn't given any details away of what engines will be used in the GLA.
The concept car is fitted with a 208bhp ­four-cylinder turbo petrol engine.
Presumably the engine range will be chosen from those in the A-Class and other small Mercs like the B-Class.
The CLA uses only four-cylinder engines starting with a 120bhp petrol motor.
And an AMG model? I understand the GLA AMG will get the same 2.0-litre turbo fitted to the CLA and A-Class AMG cars with a power output of 355bhp and 4wd.
One feature of the concept GLA that won't be seen when the car arrives in your local showroom is the laser headlamp system.

Inside: The concept is full of crazy stuffThe laser beams act as ­headlamps but can also project pictures or films on to the road.
Slightly more useful than watching X-Men on the surface of the M6 when you should be concentrating on driving would be projecting satnav information on to the road.
This is possible and could mean you get a nice big arrow on the road telling you which way to turn.
The interior is pretty wacky, but presumably most of the crazy stuff will be replaced with more conventional instruments as used in the A-Class and CLA.
What is unlikely to change is the shape of the car, the swooping roofline, frameless doors and the rear pillars that come outwards as they meet the tail lamps so that the rear of the car has a more squat and sporty appearance.
With Range Rover's Evoque selling like mad and Nissan's Qashqai doing the same, I can't imagine Mercedes not shifting loads of GLAs.

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