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Hi all,

I will be picking up my GLA 220D AMG Line in South Seas Blue on Tuesday.

My previous car was C Class 220D AMG Sport Plus.

I'm excited but also a little worried after reading all the issues people are having/have had with their GLA's. My fingers are firmly crossed hoping I get a decent one. Bearing in mind that mine is 8 months old 馃槙


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23stevet....I wouldn't worry too much about others comments. I was obsessed with the reviews whilst waiting 3 months for my GLA200 to arrive and haven't encountered any major problems. If anything, the main problem I encountered (burning smell & smoke) was toned down as I didn't get too worried after reading how other people had the same problem which turned out to be nothing to worry about. It's a car at the end of the day so I'm sure there's no manufacturer out there that has zero defects. Anyway, Good luck with your new purchase and I hope you enjoy it 馃榾

Still glad I purchased mine.

Only advice I'd give is don't rely on the mpg as per the book...but again, that's prob the same as most, if not all other manufacturers.
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