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I'm the very proud owner of a GLA 220 with AMG trim. We exchanged our old (and totally reliable) 2012 A Class. We now have a bright red SLK with AMG trim and the new GLA sitting next to each other on our drive.
The GLA is only a week old (today) and so far we've had no glitches whatsoever.
Positives that really stand out are:
  1. Blind spot Assyst
  2. Lane Keeping Assyst
  3. Distronic Plus - wow!
  4. The driving position
I haven't had an opportunity to test out the Adaptive Intelligent Lighting.
One (very) minor negative is the pillar between the front and back doors can limited the view when pulling out.

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HiSymponia, welcome to the forums
</font>It sounds like you are really enjoying your new car which is good, would love to see a picture when you get chance too!</font>
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