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I picked up my GLA 250 SE Executive Premium a week ago. I traded in my three year old B Class. The dealer had it under a black cloth in the middle of the showroom and whipped it off when I arrived!
I had a 150 mile trip back home to try it out and I would say that it is very comfortable, the suspension is much better than the B - and the gadgets significantly better. I ticked all the options so I am getting used to to all the driver assistance aids that I have not experienced before. Blind spot is great on the motorway. Lane assist I am not sure about yet - the vibrating steering wheel can get a bit annoying. Intelligent lighting is awesome watching the beams adjust all the time is fascinating. Self dipping lights are really clever. Command is updated well except that I wish it would show one line of entertainment information in the map screen. The car is a bit smaller than I imagined but managed to fit two passengers and two giant suitcases plus two carry ons in for an airport run. The panoramic roof is fascinating to watch and very good in operation.Performance wise I haven't really pushed it yet with less than 700 miles on the clock but it seems to be as advertised in acceleration. Im not getting anywhere near the published fuel economy yet but I am assuming it will improve over time. Why petrol - well I can't stand the clatter of a diesel and with my mileage it won't make a huge difference in cost.
Overall I love it.
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