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Hi All

Got new car monday and have now had a chance to test it for a bit now. Had a few questions

1 - Has anyone managed to get Android Auto WIRELESS working on the car? I have a Samsung s8 and am told it only works on google phones, not sure if the car itself is compatible though?

2 - When initially moving off, I find it quite sluggish in any mode other than Sport. Feels like the initial 20% of the 'push down' on the pedal does barely anything which is not there in sport mode.. Wouldn't mind having it in sport mode but feel that it is too aggressive with the RPM and shifting. Any idea if comfort mode can be tweaked to change the sluggish start? Tried tailoring through individual mode but no luck.

3- Its a lease car and have found out that it does not have a memory card or parking sensors, any idea how much roughly each would cost? (I'm in UK)

Thanks in advance!
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