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What's the difference between the four-wheel drive and the front-drive GLA diesels?The ground clearance, interior space and turning circle are identical in both front- and all-wheel drive GLAs. Both use the same 2.1-litre four-cylinder turbodiesel and seven-speed dual-clutch transmission, but the front-drive version has 134bhp against the 4Matic's 168bh. It's also 37lb ft less torque, but the front-driver still offers 221lb ft from 1400rpm.

Interestingly, Mercedes claims the same 1535kg weight for both cars in auto from, but thanks to the lower output, its 62.8mpg heads-off the 4Matic 220's 55.4mpg claim.
That also means it's slower – at 9.3sec, it's a staggering 1.6sec slower from 0-62mph than the 4Matic's 8.3sec claim. And, at £27,245 for the 7-speed auto, you'll save £2605 at the dealer if you stick with the slow-and-steady front-driven GLA 200 CDI.
Read the full review here: and let us know your thoughts below:
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