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I have a GLA 200 with 5000 km, my problem has been happening since 1500 km, but only now with my first service is that they tried to solve it.
The problem of the vehicle is, the cold days when turning it on it moves forward and backward in Parking mode and Neutral mode
For 5 minutes
After several days the service officiates in Argentina loncohue could not solve them, the solution according to instructions from Germany would come the day that change the gearbox (transmission) liquid and gearbox(transmission) filter.
After a month they carry out the work of changing filter and liquid.
Well, as the days started to be warm, the fault did not happen anymore, 4 days ago we had a day of 7 degrees celcius and the fault returned
According to the service now the solution would be to take out the engine, take out the gearbox (transmission) and change the clutch.
Nobody knows if it is solved with it or anyone can assure me.
To me it seems total madness to have a new car and have to disarm it to test if it is solved
Somebody have the same problem
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