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Hi Everyone
I need your assistance..? I purchased a new GLA200D four months ago and within days discovered the most annoying whine between 32-34mph. I took it to my local dealer who acknowledged the noise, they contacted Mercedes technical who advised I drive other models with the same 8 speed automatic transmission. I drove an identical diesel model and a petrol version. The diesel had the same problem and the technician stated that it was a characteristic of the gearbox… !
I wrote to Mercedes Customer Service and after reading the dealer report they stated that unfortunately it was a characteristic of the gearbox.
RIGHT HERE’S THE THING…. If it really is a characteristic of the gearbox ALL new 8 speed automatic gearboxes are the same.. and I don’t believe that because they’d never sell any and forums would be red hot!
This is where I need your help?
Can I ask anyone with a new model GLA who doesn’t have a similar whine between 32-34mph to contact me with their reg numbers and chassis details (if you don’t mind)… I can then prove to Mercedes that it IS’NT a characteristic or we’d ALL have the noise..??!
Thanks in anticipation
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