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hello,Just signed up after browsing here for a while. Finally bought one, it's black AMG pack and looks great! Pick it up next Sunday all being well.
Lots to read and some stuff to post about.

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Welcome along, a new owner here also with a black AMG version! (Although it's proving tricky to keep clean - any tips?)
Easiest way to keep your car clean:

Buy some AutoGlym bodywork shampoo
Buy a microfibre washing mitt
Buy some large microfibre drying towels
Get Two buckets


Fill up one bucket half way just with water, the other one with the shampoo and water
Rinse car with water from hose

Take mitt, dip it in the shampoo and work one panel at the time. Start with the roof and work you way down.

After washing one panel, dip it in the bucket with only water to rinse out the mitt.

Once you're done, rinse the car again using a hose pipe.

Now dry the car using micro fibre towels. And it should leave you with a good finish with no water spots.

Then you can use a quick detailing polish or a full decent AutoGlym polish on it to bring out the shine and protect the paintwork.
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