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I have owned a GLA220D AMG Line from brand new (2014). I love the car... however.. since coming out of Warranty, I have experienced the front off side wheel studs shearing THREE times, twice resulting in total wheel loss!

Luckily all three were at relatively low speeds... once in a car park, once pulling away from lights and the other more serious one, doing about 25 to 30mph resulting in the car scraping to a halt in the middle of the road on the suspension, causing considerable damage to the wing and door. Again, luckily, none of the instances have involved other vehicles.

I have also witnessed a GLC220 on the hard shoulder with its front near side wheel off the car on the hard shoulder... and a gouge in the tarmac behind the car.

The last time my car was recovered, the recovery driver said I was not an isolated incident, he seen several GLA/GLC's with similar issues.... something backed up by talking to the insurance assessor.

Has anyone else on here had problems, or heard of anything?

As no one to claim off, I have lost my no claims bonus... through no fault of my own.

I'm also in a situation where friends and family don't feel safe in the car

Hope to hear some views


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