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Under nothing ventured nothing gained !
Bit of a strange on I am looking for a GLA for a photograhphy test in London on July the 8th from 8pm to 1.30am !
Yes I know its a bit crazy but we have to shoot this at night and it does not get dark till late.
The location will be in North or East london.
Its a stactic shot of the car so no driving.
Ideally in copper, grey or silver.
I have money to pay you for the hire of your car / your time.
Please check out our web site so you can see the sort of things we do!
Any help would be great.
Thanks for your time in reading this if anybody can help then that would be great.
Maybe you know of a hire company that hires them out and can point me in that direction.
I am a bit stuck to be honest

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Would be interesting to get your car photographed for something. I'm at the wrong end of the country to help otherwise I would love to.
Is anyone going for it?
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