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Dear all,

I am new to the forum and also new owner of the GLA 250e.

After charging my GLA for the first time I found out that the default AC charging current is 3.6kW and in order to charge at 7.4kW you need the optional charger (OBC)

Unfortunately, I was never told from the car dealer that in order to charge at 7.4kW I will need to add to my configuration the optional accessory.
To cut the long story short I head to the Car Dealer and I asked him if it is possible to add this option by replacing the existing charger or by purchasing a cable with external charger with 7.4kW speed.

I was told that no spare part is required and it is possible to enable this feature.
As per his information, Mercedes will generate a CD with my car’s VIN number and the Mercedes Service Center will enable this feature at the cost of 500€.

Does anybody has any similar information?
or does anybody has done this in his GLA with successful results?

Thank you in advance,
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