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I just bought a one year old car and I'm loving it so far. I bought it from a Mercedes dealer.

It's a GLA 220d 4matic, AMG Line in White with Premium Plus, & Night package.

I'm probably asking silly questions, but I would like to find out a few things about the car I haven't been able to confirm/test.

First of all, is there a physical manual? I know there's an eManual. But there's nothing in the glove compartment so just wanted to make sure?

On the UK Mercedes website currently it says that the Premium package (and by extension the Premium Plus) comes with 'Automatically dimming driver’s exterior mirror and rear view mirror'.

Is this the case for the 2015-2016 models too?

2. How do I activate Parking Assist? I've seen the parking icon many times with an arrow, but a) have not been able to toggle the arrow to go to the other side or get the car to ask me if it would like to park itself?

3. I have Command Online and I am connected with the Mercedes Me App on my iPhone, but I have been unable to send an address from my phone to the car. The app says 'successfully sent' but I cannot see it anywhere on the car.

4. How do I set my home address as 'Home' in the Nav system? Is that possible? I have been able to mark it as a favourite with the star button, but I haven't been able to set it as 'My address/Home'. Is that possible?

5. I have keyless go - I have been able to unlock the car/open the boot by touching the handle, when the key is in proximity, but have not been able to do the opposite (ie lock ), or open the windows. Also I seem to be missing the push button - Do I need to get the dealer to provide me with one?

6. If a physical manual comes with the car, should I get the dealer to provide one to me?

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Hi Re Parking pilot.
I have exactly the same car as you on a 17 plate.
1 Drive slowly past parking spaces until you see the little arrow at the side of the "P"
2 Press the OK button on the LHS of the steering wheel.
3 Engage reverse and then press OK again. Keep your foot on the brake

4 It should now be telling you that it is ready to park.

5 let go the steering wheel and press the accelerator just a little.
6 The steering wheel will whizz round to park and will brake when the peepers sound.
7 Be very carefull and try it in a large space.
I have not tried the 90 degree parking yet!!!
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