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OK so i didnt know what to title this post, but this is what has been on my mind.
So.. I own a Gla45 Edition 1 here in Canada. I have been watch youtube and assorted posts about these engine tunes to bump up the power coming from these already awesome little 2.0L's. I quite enjoy mine the way it is... but hey always could use more power right?! Now i am very hesitant on doing anything to my little road rocket hence the possibility of doing damage or shortening engine life and the big one loss of warranty.Don't get me wrong i love it, but from what I'm hearing these tunes help alot with that pedal response aswell, which would be the first thing that I would be interested in before more power. So you see where i'm at, now........
The 2016 models are soon to be coming out and they are saying a power increase up to 375hp and higher, along with new gearing from third gear to seventh gear for increased performance, just to stay ahead of the competition. SOOOOOOOO...... from factory will this be just a tune? or did they add better or different parts? And will we be able to do the same up grades to are 2015 models and still retain are warranty???????
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