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Can anyone recommend a good dash cam and one for the rear and fitting service as I would like it hard wired , one that would record if the car were tampered with, cheers geoff

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Check out my post from last year...>>>
I fitted a 120° dash-cam to the inside of my GLA, it's a Next
Base 402G Professional, it's a higher spec model that also offers static
recording when you're away from your car via infa-red sensor,
G-sensor/GPS for speed, role and positioning should the worst ever
happen, plus the usual cam things and the option to film when absent from the car (as per your question)... also just seen a pack in the local car shop with a nice big 'WHICH' sticker saying how good it is...

The GLA has a perfect
fitting spot just behind the interior mirror, most cameras can fit here
(I tried a few out first before buying mine to be sure it fitted okay).
The power cable slips up to the passenger sunvisor and clips behind it
neatly (with some 1€ clips). Then the cable runs along to the door frame
rubber, where it fits underneath and then runs all the way down to the
inner foot panel. After that you push it behind the lower panels so it's
out of sight before it resurfaces at the ashtray lighter to be plugged
in. You can wire it into your system, but I like to keep my system

The view is pretty good, the GLA bonnet is barely
visible plus the window pillars give a nice clear wide view for the
camera. If you are thinking about a dash-cam then you shouldn't have any
problems with fitting one to the GLA as it's windscreen is perfect for a
basic systems up to the more expensive wide lense models... you can see
the screen grab from the film how wide it is (there's actually more on
the right side but my screen cut it off)...

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The one I brought is the E-Prance Mini 0801.
The dash camera mount is stuck behind the rear view mirror. I chose this dash cam because it is small and discrete but you can also remove it from it's mount, so if you needed to remove it you can without un-sticking the whole camera mount
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