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Been a member on here for a while but do not post all that often. So for a change I though lets post something for my latest install as you simply do not find much about the newer Mercs on the net.

So my car is a Mercedes GLA250 AMG line Premium Plus 4matic with night package. I ordered Comand NTG4.5 (standard with DAB at the time, now a paid option) and just the standard sound system. why not the HK system because simply I did not think it was worth the money or gave me what i wanted in terms of sound quality. Better than standard but not the last word in SQ.

The aim of the install was simple, use what I had lying around and make it look exactly like OE, as in no modifications to any trim panels no raising of the boot floor and everything had the be removable. Soundeading was the one exception I always make in all my cars regardless of if I put an audio install in or not.

So with the above aim in mind and looking at what space was available... a quick look thorough the vast hoard of ICE I have lying around I decided on something relatively simple in terms of an install.. Simple for me (maybe not for everyone) since I have been installing audio since the early 90's. BTW not as a career more a hobby.

Equipment used:

Alpine PDX-F6
Alpine PDX-M6
CDT ES62US Gold speakers using the titanium done tweeter (fronts)
Alpine Type SPR-60 (rear fill)
Pioneer TS-SW124D flat sub (first gen flat sub from Pioneer)
Mobridge DA3 MOST DSP processor
JL Audio Power and Speaker Cables
Phoenix Gold Interconnects (3ft)
and after some tinkering I decided that a 1 Farad Cap seemed to give everything a better balance
lots and lots of Dynamat and Dynaliner (So one megapack and additional 4 wedge packs plus 2 Dynaliner rolls)

If you read my post (sorry for the link to another forum) https://www.talkstuf...ease/?p=4433659

I explain some of the issues with installs in the new little Mercs... By this i mean the A, CLA, GLA and B classes)

so the pictures...

Interior all stripped ready for some Dynamatting. Panels all cleaned with Isoproanol Alcohol in preparation for the Dynamat

The front part of the car, floor, all Dynamatted.

Front door with CDT audios fitted and all Dynamatted ready for the door car to be fitted...

Front door outer skin Dynamatted and inner skin removed (11 rivets have to be removed to do this)

Rear door outer skin Dynamtted (10 rivets need to be removed to remove the inner skin and to access this)

In case you are wondering what the inner skin is and where the rivets are, this pic should show it well. This is before the skin was Dynamatted and Dynalined, as the last picture shows.

BTW the factory speakers are riveted from the rear of the panel and to remove them you have to remove the panel or cut the speakers out.

Boot Dynamtted

Rear door ready for the door card to be fitted

And the completed boot build. This sits under the rear floor and meets the need of not raising the floor.

Sub enclosure is 0.8 Cubic Ft in volume which is bang on the recommended enclosure size for the sub. Incidently this is exactly the size that JLAudio recommends for there 12TW3 flat sub, which was what I would have bought if I did not still have the Pioneer

I must thank my brother for his help as truly and I do not say this often...this really was a two man job... especially the doors which were a real pain to take apart. BTW it helps that he has also been installing car audio since the mid 80's.

Sound wise I am very happy with the sound... it truly does everything I wanted it to do. Yes the bass could be deeper but considering the limitations I put it truly does thump very hard and it thumps significantly more than the HK system could ever achieve.


1) The Mobridge is still needing an issue or two fixed but they are getting there with there software updates. Hopefully the next one resolves them all.

I do have a few other cosmetic mods to post pictures of i.e. illuminated star, trimmed B pillar, silver dash trim pieces but at the moment my main pc with all my images on it is knackered and needing a rebuild. Hopefully I have not lost all the pictures.
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