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We took our 3 week old gla out for a sunday morning run and ended up running our selves. It was the first time we took it for a run even thou we had it for 3 weeks, we covered about 30 miles of motorway driving and about 10 miles of b roads and 3 miles of city traffic. As we were driving through the city we could smell burning and the wife was getting worried i told her its just newness burning off, but the reply was we've never had it before with other cars. When we came to a stop smoke was coming from under the bonnet and then through the front vents inside the car thats when we made a run for it. I went back to the car opened the bonnet and could see smoke bellowing from slap bang in the rear middle part if the engine.we left it cool down and carried on with our journey. We repeated the journey home but with out any issues.
But to be safe its going back to mb.
any ideas why this should happen?
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