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2019 GLA 200 Auto - high fuel consumption


A new member here and enjoying the car...less so the fuel MPG!

I've got a petrol GLA200 automatic and an getting around 220 miles from a full tank, which seems really low. I've had the eco setting on recently to see if that made a different, but not really.

Any similar experiences?

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I have the 180 urban auto which I think is the same engine but lower power.
On cold mornings and a short trip the fuel consumption can be under 25mpg.
However in warmer weather and on a long run I have seen 44mpg.
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I've got a 2l 4matic auto 67plate and get about 380 miles a tank using 97RON. I can't remember the figures but I seem to remember my MPG was low when the car was new but improved over time. I can now get over 40 to a gallon on a run.

Regarding the ECO setting,I think it has caused my stop/start system to fail. I suspect the aux battery isn't fully charging anymore, I think you don't have regenerative braking in ECO because of the gliding mode. Taken 2yrs to get to this point mind.
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To put it into perspective I have a GLA45 and I use all the modes and power when appropriate. He said trying not to stifle a grin. It is like a motorbike with a lid. I love it.

From cold a two mile journey: 13.4 mpg (and I have to put super unleaded in it!)
From cold maybe a 10 mile urban drive, I might touch 60 mph: 24 mpg
From cold anything over 50 miles and can include motorway: 28 to 32 mpg

In comfort mode it is very easy to drive gently. The auto-start stop has a mind of its own in winter. And I forgot to add I have the air con on auto all the time.

May I suggest youíve got a problem or you live in Central London with that level of consumption. Quick calculation 50 litre tank, say you fill it up after 45 litres (handily enough thatís almost exactly 10 gallons 4.54608 lt per gallon). My maths says your doing 22 mpg......
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