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Panoramic roof rattle

Hi. I’ve just bought a 2016 GLA. It has a panoramic roof, which I noticed an audible rattle from. It had to go back to Mercedes for a different issue, so I got them to check this too - they said something was loose and they have adjusted it/rectified this, but there is still a slight annoying rattle when drinking with the roof closed. Has anyone else experienced this and how did you rectify it (other than driving around with the roof open, as it’s a little chilly for that at the moment!). Thanks in advance.
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Should read dribing with the roof open, not drinking 🙂
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FFS! DRIVING!!! **** autocorrect
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I have the pan roof too but no issues.
Given Mercedes have already Sid something was loose what was loose exactly?
Probably need to go back to them to check again.

All the best
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Sid should read said !!

LOL Ive got the typo virus too!
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Well for my first post I can be quite helpful!

I bought myself an AMG GLA 45 in November last year and being a picky sort of guy I had a list as long as your arm about how stuff works and where the little niggles are. Did it have “Hold”? Yes it does, could I find it... How does the Apple CarPlay work? Bearing in mind I’m not a teenager. And the most complex one: How do you accept an alternative route in the Sat Nav.

All answered patiently by Mercedes-Benz of Eastbourne. So when I complained about the rattle in the passenger door and drove the 160 mile trip in the rain to let them listen they actually humoured me and booked it in for a look. In the meantime our British winter had some flashes of sunshine and I thought I’d play with the roof. Roof opens, rattles stops.... Try that again, roof fully opened and then fielded. Yep noises stop. Like you can I run around with the roof open all winter, no thanks.

Another trip to Eastbourne and the told me. “The engineer thinks the sunroof needs lubricating, he’s been here 20 years so we’ll go with that first”. I should add the car is less than two years old and only 4,500 miles on the clock. 1500 I’ve put on since November. An hour or so later they come out and say “would you like to take it for a spin sir?” Result happiness as Uriah Heep would say.

The noises have disappeared and the car is as tight as a drum. If you’re in warranty take it back and show them this. If out of warranty I guess you’re looking at maybe 150? Don’t laugh, my Audi had a sunroof service as part of a major service, the line that read that made me cough. But it worked.

Sorry to have rambled on so much but you have an answer. I spent most of my time looking for door rattle fixes on line and when I found it was the sunroof I was happy that I had isolated it.

Cheers, Phil B

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I had a roof rattle in my 2014 GLA250. Maddening on a 777km journey to Adelaide. As with Phil B my “rattle” was due to the need to replace lubrication. However in Australia they charged me 😔

No such problems in the 2021 model 😁
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