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Test drove Mercedes yesterday

Looking to purchase my first Mercedes... I'm after GLA 180 or 200 amg range.... Less than 5000 miles on clock.... Visited Stockport yesterday.... Absolutely no hard sell.... Not rushing into buying one.... Just yet.. Can't make our minds up to purchase or do pcp. All advice will be listened to..... Also can't decide Red Navy or black.... Like all those colours...
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Welcome and all that online sort of stuff. If I give you my reasons, they might be harsh - but theyíre supposed to make you smile. But it does lay me bare for the sort of individual I am. However, if you glean anything from that itís a bonus.

My GLA is my second Merc in 10 years. It replaced an Audi which was nice but that had a soon to be expensive problem with its 2.0 tfsi engine. So back to Mercedes it was.

GLA: best most comfortable small-ish SUV/Hatchback (whichever is the least offensive term).

Petrol or diesel?: I chose petrol, the only diesel Iíve owned is in a boat. I donít do high mileage and Iím not burning my heart to save the planet. Petrol is quieter, diesels invariably have more torque and sound like a taxi (whoops...) but my petrol doesnít have a DPF to block up every 4 months with my limited motorway driving.

Colours and transmission: they used to say the best way to throw your money away was to buy a Mercedes in a flat non-metallic colour and a manual gearbox. When you come to sell it those words will ring in your ears when the salesman (or woman) says ďoh, itís a manual...Ē and leaves a telling pause. As for colours, I sold my glorious black Audi partly because it would look messy 30 minutes after I had cleaned it. My metallic grey GLA45 just looks nicer (shallow I know).

As for spec, thatís a how deep is your wallet thing. Having Alcantara inserts on my steering wheel tells me how annoying that stuff is to keep looking good. My OCD would explode if I had Alcantara inserts on the seats. Iíd be brushing them daily. I looked at a GLA in my local dealers and it was a 20,000 miler that hadnít been valeted yet. So it was ďnormalĒ, the seats looked awful and not for me (suitable apologies to those who love their Alcantara seats...). Other spec; not sure really. The 45 comes with a lot, but actually a 19 plate A200 comes with a better interior and more modern digital dash - it seems I paid a lot of money for horsepower. But in the few seconds I can deploy that ďpowerĒ before being locked up itís well worth it! The 45 is Colin McReaís rally car - in a suit!

Finance........ PCP; you never own it, you can marvellously extend beyond your means. You can basically fake wealth and ability. Wow can you see how my mind works. A little secret itís an old mind. But stay with me underneath Iím not that bad. Iíve recently chopped my motorbike in and I know the salesman of old heís a decent guy. He explained PCP in depth along with guaranteed future value. Itís another finance option, but in all my life Iíve always bought it, whatever it is. The words of my departed father ďif you canít afford it you canít have itĒ. Not really relevant these days. But look long and hard at your finances, you donít ever want it to be a millstone round your neck because you wanted to tell your mates ďlook Iíve got a MercedesĒ. Now I sound like your Dad.

Whatever you like itís your decision, spec, engine, colour etc. Rest assured it is a lovely car in all its guises. Gently understated and not in your face. Supremely comfortable and will put a smile on your face every day you walk up to it.

Iíll stop now, but it will be intriguing to know how your decisions pan out.
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Very detailed description! It may help JTR60 a lot. Good luck.
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